Bloomberg Law, Our First Corporate Sponsor

To mark this auspicious, and hopefully precedent-setting, event, we have asked our friends at Bloomberg Law to provide a short statement of what motivated them to make this enlightened move. Here is their response:

  • People in all walks of life will always want and need information. Librarians, of course, manage, organize, preserve and disseminate information, and teach others how to find it. Librarians know that information is useless unless people can find it.
  • So, it is very fitting that at the 2013 Annual Meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries, two organizations that place such great stock in the value and use of information---LLMC and Bloomberg Law---will be in attendance and pre-senting side-by-side at LLMC’s Annual Members Meeting.
  • Bloomberg Law is proud to be a sponsor of LLMC. The relationship is a natural one considering the interplay of each organization's mission statements and organizational values.
    Both LLMC and Bloomberg Law recognize the value of information as well as the importance of making it available and accessible to end users.
  • Bloomberg L.P., Bloomberg Law’s parent company, gives influential decision makers a critical edge by connecting them to a dynamic network of business and financial information. Bloomberg Law brings the benefits that increased access to information can provide to the world of legal information.
  • In just a few years, Bloomberg Law, the AALL's 2012 New Product of the Year, has become known for its sophisticated and user-friendly platform that integrates legal content, business intelligence and news; offering all of its content to every one of its customers.
  • LLMC has been known in the world of legal information for quite a bit longer than Bloomberg Law. It has been embraced for its goals of preserving legal information, and for making this valuable content search-able and more widely accessible, not just for the benefit of the legal profession, but for society as a whole.
  • Bloomberg Law is looking forward to its continued support of LLMC’s efforts to collect, organize, and deliver the legal information that librarians, lawyers and society need.