Case Study on Enhancing Accessibility to State Legal Content in Massachusetts and Michigan
During the AALL 2023 conference in Boston, Kathleen Richman, LLMC Executive Director, moderated a panel with presenters, Michelle Lalonde, Library Director, Arthur Neef Law Library, Wayne State University Law School, and Robert Brink, Executive Director, Social Law Library.  This link is a recording to their program, B1 Case Study on Enhancing Accessibility to State Legal Content in Massachusetts and Michigan.
Program Description By 2023, most people’s assumption is that government information is available online.  In fact, as libraries around the country were shut down during the pandemic, it was proved otherwise.  During a time when ‘access to justice’ is recognized of vital importance, this workshop will show how libraries in two states worked with LLMC and Google Books to tackle this problem and provide online access to their state’s vital legal documents.  Wayne State secured a grant, ingested Cooley Law’s collection with their own, and collaborated with LLMC and Google to digitize the Michigan state records and briefs.  This initiative had been desired by the law libraries in Michigan for more than ten years.  Likewise, Social Law Library augmented their collection with Northeastern and worked with LLMC and Google to digitize the microfiche archive of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations and Massachusetts Register. These vital materials were inaccessible to all the state agencies during the pandemic and this project was a priority to the Boston Area Law Libraries Consortium (BALLCO) as well as the Massachusetts Attorney General.
AALL members can access this informative program for free. AALL also offers complimentary coupon codes for nonmember speakers and nonmember conference attendees (for assistance, email Ashley Laverty @ If a nonmember (who didn’t attend the Conference) would like to access the video, you may do so for $35.00.