For the past year, as part of the transition into the second five-year contract with our tech-nology partner NBS,[1] the NBS engineers and LLMC personnel have been deeply engaged in a major redesign of the LLMC-Digital interface. As described in our last issue our goals are for a major advance in functionality and a much better presentation of the information that has always been there.

As forecast the new interface has now gone BETA. Under the coordination of Board member Joe Hinger, the BETA site is being reviewed by members of our Advisory Coun-cil and others in their libraries, with valuable feedback coming back fast and furious. In addition to canvasing representatives of our member law libraries, LLMC has also en-listed representatives of the CRL community in the BETA review process to bring to bear the viewpoints of our many non-legal users.[2]  Finally, those of our readers attending the upcoming AALL convention are invited to visit the LLMC booth (#311) and become part of this review. We value your feedback and appreciate any time you can give to this valuable learning process.

The present plan is to wind up the BETA review during the month of July and make the final adjustments and refinements in prepara-tion for a launch before the start of the next school year in the Fall. Of course, we don’t want to imply that perfection will be delivered at that moment. We have long since learned that there is no ceiling in this game, and that the best one can hope for at each stage is to reach a significantly more func-tional level. That’s where we hope and expect to be come September.

[1] See Issue 56, pp. 3-4

[2] In this regard, it may come as a bit of a surprise to some of our law school colleagues to learn that in the last quarter of 2012, the “purely CRL libraries” among our membership; i.e., those without law schools, accounted for slightly more than a third of the total LLMC-Digital usage.