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This content update summarizes additions to LLMC Digital collections from November 2022 to January 2023. If you have any specific questions about our content or suggestions for future additions, please feel free to contact Joe (Hinger, Director of Global Legal Content Initiatives,

LLMC Digital's most heavily used collection in 2022 was Early State Records (ESR).   During this 3-month timeframe, LLMC added another 805 ESR titles to LLMC Digital, including state session laws and state house and senate journal collections as well as a range of other materials. States with the most significant gains include Maryland (174 titles), Michigan (127 titles), Louisiana (139 titles), Massachusetts (130 titles), Ohio (47 titles), and North Carolina (65 titles).  

As we make progress digitizing ESR microfilm, numerous interesting aspects of history continue to surface.  Consider the documents about the Connecticut Western Reserve which appear under both Connecticut and Ohio.  All colonies got charters, but at the time no one knew the extent of the continent.  Despite ceding sovereignty to the United States in 1787, Connecticut retained ownership of the portion of its cession south of Lake Erie, known as the ”Western Reserve”.  In 1796, it sold much of this land to the Connecticut Land Company; then, in 1800, Connecticut ceded sovereignty over the Western Reserve, which the US absorbed into the Northwest Territory.   ESR provides insight into the range of issues for the involved parties, such as:  Indian affairs, 1791; Agreement with William Hull, 1796 [and the Connecticut Land Company]; 1801, Act on boundaries of proposed states; and 1810, Records of the first Cleveland Library

While ESR is a rich source of historic U.S. material, it includes materials involving several countries, some more obvious than others, including: Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, New Sweden, United Kingdom, and Vatican City.  It’s a small world after all!

The Indigenous Law Collection was one of the top 10 collections searched on LLMC Digital in 2022!  From November through January, LLMC added 89 titles to this collection.  These documents include tribe codes, treaties, and constitutions.  Indigenous content is organized by region and tribe, in a structure that parallels that of the Indigenous Law Portal.  Scope of new titles include La Flesche, Dictionary of the Osage Language, 1932; Lists showing the Degree of Indian Blood of Certain Persons Holding Land Upon the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota, 1911; and Lumpkin, Removal of the Cherokee Indians from Georgia, 1907 (2 volumes).

In Germany, we added 237 titles to the Germany, States, Kingdoms, Free Cities in addition to 45 titles in the Germany Federal Collection.  Our significant efforts in this area are thanks to Saint Louis University’s cataloging expert, Kate Eller, as well as substantial donations from the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin (Berlin State Library) and University of Pennsylvania Biddle Law Library.

Of course, we have also been steadily adding to other foreign collections, such as:  44 titles in Russia/Soviet Union; 40 titles in France; Chile with 25 titles; United Kingdom with 13 titles; Mexico with 10 titles; Switzerland with 9 titles; Yugoslavia with 9 titles; Argentina with 6 titles; and Brazil with 6 titles.  LLMC also added 28 titles to its International Law collection.

Since we average more than 500 titles per month (1,200 volumes), LLMC Digital’s breadth and depth continue to expand.  Another top 10 collection searched in 2022 was the General Works Collection to which we added 21 more titles.

In addition, content is continuing to grow in the records and briefs collections, especially the newest additions in Michigan and Pennsylvania.   The University of Illinois finished sending their 7th Circuit records and briefs collection and is now sending the Illinois Supreme Court records and briefs (which should start appearing on LLMC Digital in spring, 2023).  

Below is a list of titles* added to the holdings of LLMC Digital during the November – January 2023 period. For more title-level details, you may follow this link and select a specific month.


2 titles Afghanistan Collection 18 titles Maine Collection
1 title Anglo-American Legal Reference Collection 1 title Malaysia Collection
1 title Anglo-American Legal Treatise Collection 174 titles Maryland Collection
1 title Antigua & Barbuda collection 131 titles Massachusetts Collection
6 titles  Argentina collection 10 titles Mexico Collection
1 title Arizona collection 128 titles Michigan Collection
1 title Arkansas Collection 4 titles Military Law Collection
2 titles Australia Collection 1 title Minnesota Collection
1 title  Austria Collection 1 title Montana Collection
1 title Belgium Collection 2 titles Montenegro Collection
2 titles Bolivia Collection 1 title Mozambique Collection
1 title Bosnia and Herzegovina Collection 1 title Nepal Collection
6 titles  Brazil Collection 2 titles Netherlands Collection
19 titles California Collection 2 titles New Hampshire Collection
3 titles Canada Provincial Collection 7 titles New Jersey Collection
2 titles Canon Law Collection 5 titles New York Collection
25 titles Chile Collection 1 title Nicaragua Collection
5 titles China Collection 66 titles  North Carolina Collection
2 titles Colombia Collection 1 title Norway Collection
1 title Colorado Collection 47 titles  Ohio Collection
6 titles Comparative Law Collection 2 titles Pakistan Collection
14 titles Connecticut Collection 2 titles Panama Collection
1 title Costa Rica Collection 3 titles Panama Canal Zone Collection
2 titles Croatia Collection 2 title Pennsylvania Collection
3 titles Cuba Collection 1 title Peru Collection
1 title Czechoslovakia Collection 5 titles Philippines Collection
2 titles Delaware Collection 6 titles Poland Collection
1 title Denmark Collection 1 title Portuguese Timor Collection
1 title  Dominican Republic Collection 1 title Puerto Rico Collection
1 title Drew Days III Collection 1 title Qatar Collection
1 title Dutch Colonial Studies Collection 7 titles Rhode Island Collection
805 titles Early State Records Collection 7 titles Roman Law Collection
1 title Ecuador Collection 44 titles Russia/Soviet Union Collection
3 titles Egypt Collection 3 titles Saudi Arabia Collection
1 title El Salvador Collection 1 title Serbia Collection
2 titles Ethiopia Collection 6 titles South Carolina Collection
1 title Fiji Collection 1 title South Korea Collection
1 title Finland Collection 6 titles Spain Collection
40 titles France Collection 1 title Sudan Collection
19 titles General Works Collection 1 title  Sweden Collection
12 titles Georgia Collection 9 titles Switzerland Collection
45 titles Germany Federal Collection 1 title Taiwan Collection
237 titles Germany States/Kingdoms/Free Cities Collection 1 title Texas Collection
1 title Greece Collection 5 titles Thailand Collection
2 titles Guatemala Collection 2 titles Trinidad & Tobago Collection
2 titles Guyana Collection 1 title Tunisia Collection
1 title Historic Jurisdictions Collection 1 title Turkey Collection
2 titles Honduras Collection 1 title Turkmenistan Collection
2 titles Hungary Collection 13 titles U.K. Collection
1 title Illinois Collection 4 titles U.S. Federal Constitutional Collection
2 titles  India Collection 15 titles U.S. Federal Executive Collection
4 titles Indiana Collection 9 titles U.S. Federal General Collection
89 titles Indigenous Law Collection 4 titles  U.S. Federal Judicial Collection
2 titles Indonesia Collection 15 titles U.S. Federal Legislative Collection
28 titles International Law Collection 1 title U.S. Virgin Islands Collection
1 title Iowa Collection 2 titles Ukraine Collection
1 title Iran Collection 2 titles Uruguay Collection
1 title Iraq Collection 3 titles Uzbekistan Collection
1 title Islamic Law Collection 4 titles Venezuela Collection
1 title Israel Collection 13 titles Virginia Collection
2 titles Jamaica Collection 1 title  Washington Collection
1 title Japan Collection 1 title West Virginia Collection
2 titles Kentucky Collection 9 titles Yugoslavia Collection
1 title Korea, South Collection    
1 title Laos Collection    
1 title Latvia Collection    
1 title Lebanon Collection     
2 titles Legal Philosophy Collection    
1 title Liberia Collection    
1 title Libya Collection    
139 titles Louisiana Collection    

* Some titles are categorized into multiple collections. This accounts for the difference in the total number of new titles digitized versus the number of new titles added to the various collections.


A total of 5,393 volumes were added to LLMC Digital during November 2022- January 2023 which brings our overall totals to the following:

Online Titles:                      29,194  

Online Volumes:               154,432

Online Images:                  92,803,598   

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