LLMC Digital is celebrating 20 years!

 For more than 46 years (of which 20 years were ‘online’), LLMC members have exemplified this year’s theme for the AALL Conference, ‘Advancing Justice for All’! 

Our nonprofit consortium of global, diverse law libraries and institutions represents ethical collection development to provide permanent, cost-effective online access and ensure post-custodial preservation of legal and government content.  LLMC endorses multinational archival work, partnering with members around the world to make limited access materials more widely available.  In doing so, LLMC concentrates on what it does best ... building collections. Our commitment to equitable support of community, culture, and content is apparent in the Indigenous Law Collection, which is organized by geographic region and tribe as well as the visibility of tribal resources in the Indigenous Law Portal.  LLMC's core values of diverse, equitable, and inclusive access to legal and government materials are further reflected in our local collaboration and efforts with Hawaiian Kingdom, Haiti, and many other key contacts and initiatives.

As a result of our enduring DEI principles, our consortium is stronger and has even more to offer!  We have continued to stay productive during the pandemic, delivering more than 25,000 titles with several record-breaking months of high new title counts; case in point, we added 554 fully cataloged titles in May 2022!  Other recent accomplishments include:

Ø  added new LLMC members:  The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, University of Brescia, Arkansas Supreme Court Library, Concordia University, individual members at the US Naval Academy and the Office of the Secretary of American Samoa. and many personal subscriptions spanning the globe, from Miami, Poland, etc.,

Ø  provided more enlightening webinars by Kurt Meyer, along with many articles and blog posts on the www.llmcdigital.org homepage.  Check out the latest Early State Records article, The Electoral College, or What Goes Around, Comes Around, by Joyce Savio Herleth, Saint Louis University School of Law,

Ø  continued commitment and support for civil rights manifests as an open access RIGHTS! portal with Perma Links, Covid-19 resources, and sponsorship by the Vincent C. Immel Law Library at Saint Louis University,

Ø  continued support for Indigenous People includes enhancements to the open access Indigenous Law Portal with over 1200 titles archived with Perma Links; added Circumpolar and South America coverage,

Ø  created the Indigenous Law Collection (formerly, Native American) on LLMC Digital with a new structure that parallels that of the Indigenous Law Portal; Indigenous Law Collection now includes over 1000 titles,

Ø  cataloged separately all the treaties in the Statutes at Large, Volume 7,

Ø  included over 9000 titles in Early State Records (ESR), which continues to be the most heavily searched collection on LLMC Digital and covers a range of significant documents for gun rights, originalism, and other timely research,

Ø  expanded OCR languages (support 68 languages, newest additions are Dzongka and Turkmen),

Ø  added more records and briefs in collaboration with Google Books: Michigan, working with Wayne State Law Library; Illinois (Supreme Court will follow 7th Circuit), working with the University of Illinois Law Library; Pennsylvania, working with Penn State Law Library; and Appellate Cases of the US Supreme Court, completed, worked with Yale Law Library,

Ø  expanded the Code of Massachusetts Regulations and Massachusetts Register (coverage 1987-current), working with Social Law Library and Google Books,

Ø  CRL (Center for Research Libraries) partnership resulted in more African, Quebecois, Indigenous Law, Eastern European/Western Asian, and South American titles,

Ø  AALL collaboration moved forward with Hibernia Turbeville and Helen Newman Papers now online; Digital Access to Legal Information Committee (DALIC) Records and Publications are currently being processed, 

Ø  signed an agreement with Florida International University to digitize Caribbean content from their collection,

Ø  added the AALL African Interest Group’s African Law Print Holdings list to www.llmcdigital.org homepage, which will soon include links to LLMC Digital titles,

Ø  cataloged separately all the nominative titles in the English Reports, Reprint Edition, thereby giving greater access and retrievability by nominative title, usually how these reports are cited,

Ø  added substantial runs of several Foreign Gazettes, including Uganda and Tanzania, resulting from the collaboration with AfricanLII and Laws.Africa,

Ø  and so much more!


LLMC encourages you to reach out to us anytime for additional information and services!  We recently exhibited at the CALL/ACBD virtual conference, and we will be exhibiting in person at the AALL conference in Denver and the IALL conference hosted at Stanford University later this year.  Make sure you stop by the LLMC booth to get your limited edition LLMCDigital@20!  pen.  In addition, please plan to attend our Annual Members Meeting on Monday, July 18, during the AALL Conference.  See the conference brochure for the exact time and location.  More details will be provided soon.

Thank you for your vital support – you’re making a profound impact! 

Yours truly,

Richard C. Amelung, Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Anne Matthewman, Incoming Chairperson of the Board of Directors

Kathleen Richman, Executive Director

Kurt Meyer, Assistant Director, Global Content Development & Preservation

Joseph Hinger, Assistant Director, Global Legal Technical Initiatives

Claudia Cea, Business Manager