LLMC Supports Native American Heritage Month

The month of November is Native American Heritage Month. LLMC www.llmcdigital.org supports Indigenous peoples in several significant areas, including:

  • Indigenous Law collection on LLMC Digital (685+ titles, as of November 15, 2021); and,
  • Indigenous Law Portal https://llmc.com/Indigenous/Home.aspx#55 , a public access resource with specialized regional coverage: United States, Alaska, Canada, Mexico, North America, Central America, and Circumpolar (additional regions to be added).

Furthermore, of special note, Dr. Richard Amelung, LLMC Chairman of the Board and Professor Emeritus at Vincent C. Immel Law Library of Saint Louis University, with the support of the Library of Congress, has launched the Indigenous Names Project (MoSu-LIN).  Catalogers at the Law Library will initially go through the 232 treaties in Vol. 7 of the Statutes-at-Large and create individual authority records for each of the Native American signatories.  In an effort to increase the utility of these records, the Library’s metadata specialists will include any information for these entries found in standard references sources such as Hodge’s Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico (1907-1910), Frazier’s Handbook Index of North American Indians (2nd ed. 1996) and Johansen’s The Encyclopedia of Native American Biography (1997) among others. The fact that these names represent treaty signatories provides further documentation that will be included in the records such as tribe/band/nation affiliation. Additionally, the fact that they were present at a particular time and place assists in fixing their dates in the chronological history of their nation.  The project will also enhance existing records with information that specialists discover along the way.  Considering the fact that there are between 5 and 50 signatories to these documents, this first phase is estimated to add over 2,000 new entries to the authority file. 

The first record for the Indigenous Names Project (MoSU-LIN) that was delivered to the Library of Congress's Name Authority File provides White Eyes' name as a signatory on the first treaty in volume 7 of the Statutes-at-Large.

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