LLMCLaws.Africa, and AfricanLII are proud to announce an ongoing partnership to digitize, share, and improve access to African legal gazettes. Gazettes are official legal newspapers of record that are commonly published throughout the world. They often contain laws, decrees, notices, and court decisions. 

Laws.Africa and AfricanLII have taken on the task of providing open digital access to gazettes from across the African continent on Gazettes.Africa. Thus far, they provide access to gazettes from 17 countries. 
LLMC, in turn, is a leading expert in the digitization of foreign legal materials, including gazettes. In 2018, LLMC and Laws.Africa began talks about a gap-filling collaboration involving gazettes, which are notoriously difficult to collect comprehensively. After an agreement was reached the following year, we started sharing files to mutually enhance our coverage of these critical legal publications. Thus far, we have improved our mutual coverage of gazettes for countries including Tanzania, Uganda, and South Africa. 
In the future, our three organizations will strive to improve access to these publications.