(with apologies to Carl Sandburg …)


The FOGS came in on little cat feet ….

LLMC is pleased to announce a new, ever expanding and much sought-after collection of,


Foreign Official Gazettes


Beginning with a project initiated and funded through a grant to the Center for Research Libraries, LLMC has been scanning and making available to the membership the foreign official gazettes of jurisdictions whose legal materials were felt to be endangered due to war, unrest or often natural disasters. 

At the same time, the Consortium was receiving gazettes from other jurisdictions for scanning and preservation in the Kansas salt mines.  Many substantial gazette collections are being digitized in collaboration with Google.  As many know, these publications are often issued in short press runs, rarely complete at any single institution, and often printed on incredibly poor-quality paper.  In combination with the grant-funded project, Google initiative, and donations in kind for other jurisdictions, LLMC has pulled together over 25 of some of the most endangered and sparsely held titles into the Foreign Official Gazettes collection.   These materials are now available on LLMC Digital under


Special Focus Collections >> Foreign Official Gazettes >> Jurisdiction


This is an active collection with more titles on the way.   In addition, gazettes will also appear in their appropriate country collection.  Keep an eye on the list of titles added every month to identify holdings for new jurisdictions as they are added.  Coming up next month, the remaining 3 sections of Brazil’s Diario Oficial ….

If you would like to participate in building this essential collection, please contact Kurt Meyer, LLMC’s Assistant Director for Global Content Development and Preservation, at

LLMC is a non-profit cooperative of libraries dedicated to the twin goals of, preserving legal titles and government documents, while making copies available digitally through its online service LLMC Digital.  More information is available on  under the ‘About Us’ tab, including subscription details under ‘The LLMC Community’. 

Written (and produced by) Richard C. Amelung, Ph. D., M.A.L.S., Professor Emeritus of Legal Research, Vincent C. Immel Law Library, Saint Louis Univ School of Law