LLMC adds more than 1,000 Perma Links to preserve access to PDF documents on the Indigenous Law Portal (ILP).  Perma.cc is a web archiving service developed and maintained by the Harvard Law School Library, in conjunction with university law libraries across the country and other organizations in the “forever” business. Once a URL is submitted by LLMC, Perma.cc creates a dynamic copy of the referenced content and generates a link to an archived record of the page.

Regardless of what may happen to documents in the original source, an archived record will always be available on  ILP through the Perma Link. The addition of Perma Links to ILP will ensure that access to a particular PDF document is protected, whether the indigenous tribe’s website continues to exist or should a more current version of a document be available.

The Indigenous Law Portal (ILP) was begun by the Law Library of Congress staff as a way to provide access to American and Canadian indigenous materials at the Law Library. It is based on the subject arrangements and structure of the Library of Congress Classification schedules for Law of Indigenous Peoples in the Western Hemisphere (Classes KI-KIZ) developed by Dr. Jolande Goldberg, Senior Law Classification Specialist. When, ILP grew beyond the original Law Library boundaries,  Law Library of Congress agreed that LLMC would assume ongoing development of ILP going forward.

The Indigenous Law Portal (ILP) is now accessible to the public at no charge on LLMC Digital www.llmcdigital.org. LLMC’s Chairman of the Board, Dr. Richard Amelung, Emeritus Professor of Legal Research Vincent C. Immel Law Library Saint Louis University, works with Jolande Goldberg and others to verify thousands of Indigenous Peoples’ websites in North, Central and South America in order to establish the proper name authorities for tribes and indigenous organizations and to identify other informative ILP links.


For additional information about the Indigenous Law Portal (ILP) or LLMC Digital, please send an email to llmc@llmcdigital.org.