Digitization of California Records and Briefs

As part of its 15th Anniversary of Google Books, Google is promoting the joint initiative with LA Law Library and LLMC to digitize the LA Law Library’s substantial collection of California Records and Briefs.  

See the promotion at  https://artsandculture.google.com/story/_wURuSp4DC0_LQ?e=StellaAccess

Via a collaboration with LA Law Library, the largest public repository of California appellate and supreme court briefs, and LLMC, a non-profit consortium of law libraries dedicated to the preservation of legal resources, Google has already digitized millions of pages of court briefs not previously available to the public on the internet.  The project is ongoing and will ultimately include as much as possible of LA Law Library’s collection of more than 150 years’ worth of briefs.

LLMC Digital users can search these valuable materials in either the States – California Collection or the Records and Briefs – California Collection.  For information about LLMC Digital or becoming an LLMC member, send an email to llmc@llmc-digital.org.