LLMC Digital offers new Page Type Search


Did you ever need to find an old map of the Argentine/Chile border? 

LLMC Digital now offers a unique Page Type search feature, which allows searchers to view any map, chart, glossary or other special page characteristic in more than 100,000 volumes of legal and government content.

LLMC’s production operation staff has, painstakingly, identified more than 30 meaningful types of pages, and captured this information for programmatic selection.  These page indications cover a range of valuable items, such as:  Appendix, Bibliography, Chapter, Charts, Errata, Glossary, Index, Maps, Regulations and Table of Contents. The new Page Type menu option allows quick selection through LLMC Digital’s jurisdiction hierarchies to view the book(s) of particular interest.  Only those books which include the criteria selected will display.

In December 2018, LLMC launched an enhanced document viewer, exposing the benefit of going beyond a text-based search and actually leveraging the fact that LLMC’s production process documents types of pages. This Page Type search enhancement is proof that LLMC listens to its extensive library membership community, since credit for this suggestion goes to The D’Angelo Law Library University of Chicago staff!

Try out the new Page Type search today --- and keep those great ideas coming!

LLMC Digital Image from: Varela, Louis Vicente. Republique Argentine et le Chili histoire de la deemarcation de leurs frontieEres (depuis 1843 jusqu'ae 1899)