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1855- , Council / Senate Journals
Journals of the Senate of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Kansas: 1855–, title varies, var. state printers, 1855– (Prior to becoming part
of the United States, the area now comprising Kansas was a part of the Spanish and later French territories of Louisiana. An act of Congress, March
26, 1804, split the newly acquired Louisiana into two jurisdictions, the Territory of Louisiana, which later became the Missouri Territory, and the
District of Orleans, which later became the state of Louisiana. When the area now comprising Missouri became a territory in 1812, modern Kansas remained
technically part of Missouri until 1834, when it was defined as “Indian County” in the Indian Trade and Intercourse Act. For the next twenty years
Kansas was a federal enclave, reserved for the settlement of Native Americans from east of the Mississippi. Finally, the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 30 May
18554, settled the boundaries of the territories of Kansas and Nebraska and established territorial legislatures. The first Kansas territorial
legislature met in the City of Lecompton in July of 1855. The short territorial period lasted only until1861, when. an act of May 4 provided for the tentative
admission of Kansas into the union as a state. Actual admission was delayed as Free-State proponents and proslavery forces sought to enshrine their
views into the new state’s constitution. Final admission came by act of Congress on 29 Jan. 1861, when Congress accepted the so-called Wyandotte
Constitution, an anti-slavery document. The first state legislature met in the City of Lawrence in March of 1861. (Documents part of the Early State
Records collection were digitized from a microfilm copy of title originally held by the Library of Congress).
Title:   Kansas Senate journal : reformatted from the original and including, Journal of the Council of the Territory of Kansas ...
OCLC Number:   857236403
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NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
1855 July 1st SessYesNo
1855 July 1st Sess, AppendYesNo
1857 Jan 2nd SessYesNo
1857 Dec Ext SessYesNo
1858 Jan 4th SessYesNo
1859 Jan 5th SessYesNo
1860 Jan 6th SessYesNo
1860 Jan Spec SessYesNo
1861 Mar 1st SessYesNo
1861 Jan 7th SessYesNo
1862 Jan 2d SessYesNo
1863 Jan 3d SessYesNo
1864 Jan 4th SessYesNo
1865 Jan 5th SessYesNo
1866 Jan 6th SessYesNo
1867 Jan 7th SessYesNo
1868 Jan 8th SessYesNo
1869 Jan 9th SessYesNo
1870 Jan 10th SessYesNo
1871 Jan 11th SessYesNo
1872 Jan 12th SessYesNo
1873 Jan 13th SessYesNo
1874 Jan 14th SessYesNo
1874 Sept Sp SessYesNo
1875 Jan 15th SessYesNo
1876 Jan 16th SessYesNo
1877 Jan 17th SessYesNo
1879 Jan 18th Sess 1st BiennialYesNo
1881 Jan 19th SessYesNo
1883 Jan 20th SessYesNo
1884 Mar Sp SessYesNo
1885 Jan 21st SessYesNo
1886 Jan Sp SessYesNo
1887 Jan 22d SessYesNo
1889 Jan 23d SessYesNo
1891 Jan 24th SessYesNo
1893 Jan 25th SessYesNo
1895 Jan 26th SessYesNo
1895 Jan 26th SessYesNo
1898 Dec Sp SessYesNo
1899 Jan 28th SessYesNo
1901 Jan 29th SessYesNo
1903 Jan 30th SessYesNo
1903 June Sp SessYesNo
1905 Jan 31st SessYesNo
1907 Jan 32d SessYesNo
1908 Jan Sp SessYesNo
1909 Jan 33d SessYesNo
1911 Jan 34th SessYesNo
1913 Jan 35th SessYesNo
1915 Jan 36th Sess YesNo
1917 Jan 37th SessYesNo
1919 Jan 38th SessYesNo
1919 June Sp SessYesNo
1920 Jan Sp SessYesNo
1921 Jan 39th SessYesNo
1923 Jan 40th SessYesNo
1923 Aug Sp SessYesNo
1925 Jan 41st SessYesNo
1927 Jan 42d SessYesNo
1928 July Sp SessYesNo
1929 Jan 43d SessYesNo
1930 Feb Sp SessYesNo
1931 Jan 44th SessYesNo
1933 Jan 45th SessYesNo
1933 Oct Sp SessYesNo
1934 Mar Sp SessYesNo
1935 Jan 46th SessYesNo
1936 July Sp SessYesNo
1937 Jan 47th SessYesNo
1938 Feb Sp SessYesNo
1939 Jan 48th SessYesNo
1941 Jan 49th SessYesNo
1943 Jan 50th SessYesNo
1945 Jan 51st SessYesNo
1947 Jan 52d SessYesNo
1949 Jan 53d SessYesNo
1951 Jan 54th SessYesNo
1953 Jan 55th SessYesNo
1955 Jan 56th SessYesNo
1956 1st Budg Sess YesNo
1957 Jan 57th SessYesNo
1958 2d Budg SessYesNo
1958 Apr Sp SessYesNo
1959 Jan 58th SessYesNo
1960 Jan 3d Budg SessYesNo
1961 Jan 59th SessYesNo
1962 Jan 4th Budg SessYesNo
1963 Jan 60th SessYesNo
1964 Jan 5th Budg SessYesNo
1964 Feb Sp SessYesNo
1965 Jan 61st SessYesNo
1966 6th Budg SessYesNo
1966 Feb Sp SessYesNo
1967 Jan 62d sessYesNo
1968 Jan 63d SessYesNo
1969 Jan 63d SessYesNo
1970 Jan 63d SessYesNo
1972 Jan 64th SessYesNo
1975 Jan 66th SessYesNo
1976 Jan 66th SessYesNo
1977 Jan 67th SessYesNo
1978 Jan 67th SessYesNo
1979 Jan 68th SessYesNo
1980 Jan 68th SessYesNo
1981 Jan 69th SessYesNo
1982 Jan 69th SessYesNo
1983 Jan Reg SessYesNo
1984 Jan Reg SessYesNo
1985 Jan Reg SessYesNo
1986 Jan Reg SessYesNo
1987 Jan Reg SessYesNo
1987 Aug Sp SessYesNo
1988 Jan Reg SessYesNo
1989 Jan Reg SessYesNo
1989 Dec Sp SesYesNo
1990 Jan Reg SessYesNo