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Hawaii Legislature, Journals, 1901-, Terr. & State, Senate
Journal of the Senate of the Legislature of the Territory/State of Hawaii: title varies, coverage from the inception of the Territorial Legislature
through statehood to date, 1901-, Honolulu, var. state printers, 1901- series continues. (The Hawaii Session Laws run provided on this site spans the
entire length of Hawaiian legislative-branch history through the Kingdom {1841-92}, Republic {1893-1900}, Territorial {1901-49} and State of Hawaii
{1950-date} periods. Because the organization of the Hawaii government was substantially different in the pre-Territorial days, this run of Hawaii Senate
Journals will be restricted to the territorial and statehood periods, 1901 to date. For legislative-journal matter prior to 1901, see elsewhere in
the Hawaii listings on this site.)
Title:   Hawaii Senate journal : reformatted from the original and including, Senate journal ...
OCLC Number:   64557041
Original LLMC Number  40755CRL
Available Volumes
NameFiche CountOnlinePaper Backup
1901 Feb, May 1st Terr Leg Reg & SpecYesNo
1902 Nov 2nd Terr Leg Spec2YesNo
1903 Feb 2nd Terr Leg Reg11YesNo
1903 Apr 2nd Terr Leg Spec*YesNo
1904 Apr 2nd Terr Leg Spec2YesNo
1905 Feb 3rd Terr Leg Reg14YesNo
1905 May 3rd Terr Leg Spec*YesNo
1909 Feb 5th Terr Leg Reg (incl. Act 141, 1907 sess)14YesNo
1909 Nov 5th Terr Leg Spec*YesNo
1911 Feb 6th Terr Leg Reg12YesNo
1913 Feb 7th Terr Leg Reg17YesNo
1915 Feb 8th Terr Leg Reg12YesNo
1917 Feb 9th Terr Leg Reg15YesNo
1918 May 9th Terr Leg Spec3YesNo
1919 Feb 10th Terr Leg Reg20YesNo
1920 Nov 11th Terr Leg Spec3YesNo
1921 Feb 11th Terr Leg Reg13YesNo
1923 Feb 12th Terr Leg Reg14YesNo
1925 Feb 13th Terr Leg Reg17YesNo
1927 Feb 14th Terr Leg Reg16YesNo
1929 Feb 15th Terr Leg Reg16YesNo
1931 Feb 16th Terr Leg Reg18YesNo
1932 Jan 16th Terr Leg Spec8YesNo
1932 Mar 16th Terr Leg 2nd Spec*YesNo
1933 Feb 17th Terr Leg Reg15YesNo
1933 Oct 17th Terr Leg Spec*YesNo
1935 Feb 18th Terr Leg Reg17YesNo
1937 Feb 19th Terr Leg Reg20YesNo
1939 Feb 20th Terr Leg Reg19YesNo
1941 Feb 21st Terr Leg Reg18YesNo
1941 Sep 21st Terr Leg Spec*YesNo
1943 Feb 22nd Terr Leg Reg13YesNo
1945 Feb 23rd Terr Leg Reg14YesNo
1947 Feb 24th Terr Leg Reg15YesNo
1949 Feb 25th Terr Leg Reg27YesNo
1949 Jul 25th Terr Leg Spec*YesNo
1950 Sep 25th Terr Leg Spec2YesNo
1951 Feb 26th Terr Leg Reg16YesNo
1953 Feb 27th Terr Leg Reg12YesNo
1954 Apr 27th Terr Leg Spec2YesNo
1955 Feb 28th Terr Leg Reg13YesNo
1956 Sep 28th Terr Leg Spec1YesNo
1957 Feb 29th Terr Leg Reg12YesNo
1957 May 29th Terr Leg Spec*YesNo
1959 Feb 30th Terr Leg Reg22YesNo
1959 Aug 1st State 1st SpecYesNo
1959 Nov 1st State 2nd Spec0YesNo
1960 Feb Spec Sess9YesNo
1960 Feb 1st State Budget Sess*YesNo
1960 Jun 1st Spec SessYesNo
1961 Feb 1st State Reg16YesNo
1962 Feb 1st State Reg Budget7YesNo
1963 Feb 2nd State Reg14YesNo
1965 Feb 3rd State Reg19YesNo
1966 Feb 3rd State Reg Budget7YesNo
1967 Feb 4th State Reg20YesNo
1968 Feb 4th State Reg Budget10YesNo
1969 Jan 5th State Reg20YesNo
1971 Jan 6th State Reg15YesNo
1972 Jan 6th Reg SessYesNo
1973 Jan 7th State Reg14YesNo
1974 Jan 7th State Reg19YesNo
1974 Jun 7th State Spec*YesNo
1974 Jul 7th State Spec*YesNo
1975 Jan 8th State RegYesNo
1976 Jan 8th State Reg19YesNo
1977 Jan 9th State Reg19YesNo
1977 May 9th State Spec*YesNo
1978 Jan 9th State Reg18YesNo
1979 Jan 10th State Reg20YesNo
1980 Jan 10th State Reg22YesNo
1981 Jan 11th State Reg19YesNo
1981 Jun 11th Spec*YesNo
1982 Jan 11th State Reg21YesNo
1982 May 11th State SpecYesNo
1983 Jan 12th State RegYesNo
1983 Sep 12th State Spec*YesNo
1984 Jan 12th State RegYesNo
1984 Jul 12th State Spec*YesNo
1985 Jan 13th State Reg18YesNo
1987 Jan 14th State Reg20YesNo
1988 Jan 14th State RegYesNo
1988 May 14th State SpecYesNo
1989 Jan 15th State Reg19YesNo
1990 Jan 15th State Reg18YesNo
1991 Jan 16th State Reg19YesNo
1991 Jun 16th State Spec*YesNo
1992 Jan 16th State Reg17YesNo
1993 Jan 17th State Reg20YesNo
1993 Aug 17th State Spec*YesNo
1994 Jan 17th State Reg18YesNo
1995 Jan 18th State Reg21YesNo
1995 Jun 18th State Spec*YesNo
1995 Sep 18th State 2nd Spec*YesNo
1996 Jan 18th State Reg17YesNo
1998 Jan 19th State Reg18YesNo
2010 Jan 25th Reg SessYesNo
2010 Aug 25th State SpecYesNo
2010 Sep 25th State 2nd SpecYesNo